Our Leadership

Eva Angelopoulos


Eva was born in 1964 and grew up in Connecticut as the older of two children. Moving to Chicago in her early years, Eva was introduced to the restaurant business as several family friends owned restaurants. Eva enjoyed volleyball and softball, as well as piano and drums. Always on the move, her first job was as a busgirl at Dimitri’s Cake and Steak where she learned very quickly the importance of service to a hungry and hurried customer. Eva closely watched the servers who impressed her with their ability to quickly and accurately handle every customer need, often without writing anything down. She was promoted to hostess and then to weekend server where she began to follow in the footsteps of the servers who amazed her with their talent and grace.

Eva caught the entrepreneurial bug shortly after high school. She decided that she would someday own her own business, although the type of business had not yet been made clear to her. She was a hostess for a restaurant and one night a young man came in who was learning how to become a chef at another restaurant in the area. They started dating, soon learned that they shared a mutual goal of owning their own business, and within a year she married Christopher Angelopoulos and started down their path together.

Eva and Christopher had their first child, Georgia, in 1980 but it did not slow them down. In 1982, she and Christopher took over a Golden Bowl in Chicago and their career blossomed. Two more children followed, Antoinette in 1985 and Jimmy in 1996. In between, Eva and Chris traveled to Europe in 1989. What was supposed to be a short trip became a yearlong venture during which they opened a resort in Greece. Being fluent in English, Spanish, and Greek, Eva earned an international certificate to teach English as a second language, which she did at University of Michigan at Athens, Greece. They sold the resort in 1990 to return to the United States, moving to Elkhart to open another family restaurant followed shortly by a sports bar. They continued to open, turnaround, and sell restaurants throughout Indiana and Chicago, finally settling in Anderson, Indiana in 1998.

In 1993, Eva met one of the most influential people in her life. A group of weekly customers caught Eva’s attention and she was invited by Deborah Dudas to experience Mary Kay Cosmetics®. Deborah told Eva that embracing the concepts and beliefs of Mary Kay Cosmetics® would change her life, and Deborah was right. Eva had been looking for something new to add to her life, and she made the perfect discovery. She set very high goals, and embraced the philosophy Mary Kay herself brought to the company. Eva surpassed those initial goals by earning her first car of four cars within four months, her first of five diamond rings within seven months, and was the top producer in her area in her first year. Attending every national convention and meeting, Eva rapidly rose through the ranks of Mary Kay Cosmetics® while working part time at Mary Kay Cosmetics® and full time at her three restaurants. Mary Kay Cosmetics® teaches motivation, leadership, discipline, compassion, personal growth, belief in self, and how to identify and achieve a big dream. Eva mastered these and within four years, she became a Sales Director with one of the top teams in the entire organization.

Eva brings these same goals and beliefs in personal growth to her restaurants. She has built a strong management team with their own personal and professional goals.

In 2004, Eva decided to pursue another dream with her restaurant team, franchising the Eva’s Pancake House and Restaurant™ concept. She gave up her Sales Director position with Mary Kay Cosmetics® to focus on her newest project, and remains a highly successful Mary Kay Cosmetics® Consultant. In the Mary Kay Cosmetics® tradition, Deborah Dudas remains a strong supporter and loyal friend of Eva’s, and is confident that this next step in Eva’s life will be just as remarkable for all those who can join the Eva’s Pancake House and Restaurant™ family.

Through franchising, Eva will be able to help other people experience the joys and benefits of personal growth and business ownership, the same way Deborah Dudas helped Eva discover these joys several years ago.

Our commitment to leadership and personal growth will be a key in developing current and future leaders both within the corporate team and within the franchisee family. We bring a different model of management to all of our teams—personal responsibility and personal opportunity.

Living in Pendleton, Indiana, with her youngest son Jimmy and husband Christopher, Eva is very active in the local chamber and business community, including being Chairperson of the Gourmet Sampler to benefit Special Olympics. Eva is now focusing her attention on growing a national franchise. She is eager to help other people realize their dreams of individual achievement and business ownership, and provide support as each new franchisee passes along these same concepts to their entire team.

Christopher Angelopoulos

Founder/Executive Chef

Christopher was born in Southern Greece where he enjoyed their traditional football sport that we call soccer. Against her wishes to keep the family together, Christopher convinced his mother to let him immigrate to Australia in 1973 as a cook for better opportunities. He returned a year later when his father was ill, and went to work as a cook on a ship. In 1975, Christopher traveled to Toronto, Canada to see family and friends. He visited Chicago, entering the United States through Chicago with his first exposure being O’Hare International Airport. Christopher immediately fell in love with the opportunities in the United States, changed his visa, and started to work in a restaurant. He worked at various restaurants to support himself, earning his way to a chef/kitchen position in 1981 at a Golden Bowl in Chicago.
Still in Greece at the age 16, Christopher caught the dream of owning his own restaurant. Working twenty-hour days seven days a week, he learned the value of hard work and total customer service. Knowing the intimate details of food cost is critical to profitability in a restaurant, and Christopher is a master of cost. Christopher focuses his attention on menu development and increasing profit margins. In both cases, bigger is better. Next to being a chef, he loves dissecting profit and loss. We maintain one of the highest profit margins in the industry because of his expertise in this area.
Christopher discovered he is a natural chef who enjoys preparing all types of food. However, learning the particular skills of being a chef is hard in many restaurants. Many chefs are reluctant to share their skills and recipes, and this is one area where Christopher has made a difference for our chefs and cooks—Eva’s teaches our cooks how to become chefs.

Eva’s Pancake House™ was his idea. Christopher believed the market needed a different casual family restaurant with freshly prepared food, and he was right. Christopher has repeatedly proven his ability to find niches in crowded markets.
Christopher and Eva share the same family life. In his spare time, Christopher enjoys cars, travel, raising a family, and with the advent of international cable broadcasts, both European and American football and Greek movies. Christopher looks forward to helping each franchisee learn the cost and profit side of a highly successful restaurant.