Eva's Pancake House Muncie Indiana 1617 North Wheeling Avenue 47303

Eva’s Pancake House and Restaurants™ really began over 20 years ago when Eva took her first job bussing tables in a pancake and breakfast restaurant. Even before that, Eva had been around restaurants since birth as several family friends owned restaurants. When you grow up around family-owned restaurants, you gain an appreciation for the commitment it takes to offer great food to all of your customers. Eva knew someday she would own her business, and continued to work in various restaurants.  Eva Our History

She met her future husband Christopher who was learning the fine art of being a Chef. Christopher also had dream of owning a restaurant. It was a perfect match and they have been restaurant partners since 1979.

Shortly after marriage, Eva and Christopher took over a family restaurant in Chicago. They grew the location to 350 seats and added new locations in Fort Wayne and Elkhart. Over the years, Eva and Christopher have owned and operated over twenty restaurants ranging from sports bars to fine dining. Sometimes they bought existing restaurants, turned them around, re-branded them, and then sold them to other owner-operators. Sometimes they started restaurants from scratch. Through them all, the lure of a full menu pancake house kept pulling them back to the same theme.

Eva's Pancake House Muncie Indiana 1617 North Wheeling Avenue 47303

In 1998, they were operating three restaurants in Indiana under the name Top Notch in Anderson, New Castle, and Pendleton. Top Notch was a three-meal full menu concept offering family friendly food in a casual environment. With children in school, and always being savvy businesspersons in turning around struggling restaurants, Eva and Christopher sold the New Castle and Anderson locations. Very soon the slower pace of only one restaurant lost its allure. Chris and Eva bought additional locations in Muncie and Anderson, Indiana. Christopher was researching the market and felt a new concept was needed. They have always been drawn to where Eva started her career, a pancake house with a lunch menu. They launched a new concept, Eva’s Pancake House™ by re-branding the Muncie location in 2002. Then they bought a struggling restaurant in Anderson, converted it to an Eva’s Pancake House™, and it is now our corporate model and training center.

For three years, Eva’s Pancake House™ grew in popularity and we kept getting requests to open for dinner. With two of their three children out of school, Eva and Chris relented and opened Anderson, Indiana for dinner in December 2005.

The thought of franchising had planted itself in Eva’s mind and in late 2004, she started the work to make this new dream a reality. The right team came together and on December 31, 2004, Eva started the formal process of preparing for a national franchise rollout. Always being highly goal driven, Eva set a goal to sell her first franchise in 2005. While we aren’t quite there yet, and are not selling franchises at this time, stay tuned, as this is right around the corner.