Eva’s Pancake House Muncie Indiana

Whatever It Takes!

At Eva’s Pancake House & Restaurants™, we have one way of doing business—whatever it takes so you enjoy your visit.

Our job is to provide you with the best family dining experience in the country, right in your community. We prepare your food on site, using fresh ingredients the way food should be cooked.

EVAS-HM-Food-F_19Real eggs. No egg powder. No liquid eggs. Only fresh USDA Grade A eggs in their original shells, in every omelet, frittata, skillet, scrambled, fried, Florentine…or any other way you can imagine. If our eggs were any fresher, we’d have to feed them.

Eva’s Menu Fresh pancake batter from our secret recipe. Short stack, side stack, or full stack—always fresh, always unique.

More Than Just Breakfast!Home-MiniRotate-01

Soups prepared daily from fresh ingredients. Fresh soups are healthier as well as tastier. Today, both are important.

Specialty entrees that you normally expect only in fine dining establishments. It’s the difference of having chefs on staff in addition to cooks.

Our model is simple.

We cook. We serve. You eat. We clean.

EVAS-HM-Food-A_20The sign above our entrance says, “The most important people in the world walk through these doors every day—our customers.” We believe it and we live it, one customer at a time.

Eva's Pancake House Muncie Indiana 1617 North Wheeling Avenue 47303